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With rising fares of public transport, there’s this big question of how can a group travel be made affordable. If you are lucky enough to book your flight cheap by buying the tickets well in advance (usually a difficult ask for a group) flying in a group could look like a competitive alternative. But then you have to consider the fact that airport transfers themselves cost a lot of money and you can do nothing about that.

We even analysed fares of trains when booked in a group of 10 and that did not really come out to be any cost effective. You’d think that booking a train ticket for family of 6 with 3 kids the prices of public transport would be less but that really isn’t that much cost effective.

Other than the cost factor, there’s this issue of waiting around for taxi’s, trains and even worse the wait at the airports and hassle of going through the security and luggage restrictions.

No wonder why minibus hire market is growing. There’s so much choice available for the minibuses that you can hire these days and they are really comfortable and cost effective options.

We at Low Cost Minibus hire, have noticed a huge demand for our minibus hire service that we have now started to offer this service nationwide for wider customer range.

If you have any questions or wish to get some costings for your next group travel, why not give us a call.