Request a Customised Quote for different Pick up and Drop off locations.


Low Cost Minibus hire service offers excellent rated pick and drop service.

We pick from the point where you wish to start your journey from. We collect the vehicle from where you wish the minibus hire service to end.

You simply select the area/point where you wish to be picked up from and we’ll bring the minibus to you.

We have dedicated points across the country where you can have the minibus delivered to you and you can drop it off at a location suited for you.

We will provide you with comfort and safety with our experienced staff. Our pick and drop service for minibus hire is really the best in the market.

Our Pick and Drop service is tailored and personalised to your needs. We offer very safe and quality transfer. We provide our services in best possible rates. We care for you and your time.

You can rely on our nationwide 24/7 availability and to top it all, we can provide you a pick and drop service for any of our minibus hire service.

We are just a call away. You can either book online or call us.