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Our minibuses are available for you to drive yourself at your own comfort and schedule.
Majority of the minibus hire companies will tie you with the specific times and schedules because there’s a driver involved. We take that restriction out and allow you to drive away one of our minibuses in your own leisure.
Self-drive minibuses allow you to have that comfort of changing your trip/schedule as you wish.

If you don’t want our drivers to drive the minibus for you, you can drive it yourself and enjoy your journey in company of your friends and family.

Book our minibus now and enjoy this service offered by Low Cost Minibus hire.
In recent years, Minibuses have become more and more popular means of travel for groups who wish to travel to same destination. Be it family, friends or commercial use, Low Cost Minibus Hire service allows you to be free from any time restrictions of designated driver. You can simply hire a minibus from us and drive it to your destination yourself.
We make your experience even better by providing a 24/7 service and nationwide pick and drop.

Self-drive minibus hire service is no doubt the cost effective way of travelling in groups and takes the hassle out of relying on public transport.

Enjoy the company of your friends and family during your trip. You can even have our self- drive minibus for European hire.
We have 9 seat, 12 seat, 15 seat and 17 seat minibuses available for you to hire on self-drive basis. No matter how big your group is, we have you covered. Our offers, deals and services are always customer focussed. Contact us now or request a quote for self-drive minibus hire.