Request a Customised Quote for different Pick up and Drop off locations.


We believe in offering our customers the best value deals.
The longer the commitment from our customers to hire a minibus, we’re able to give a bigger discount.

We have tailored some of the deals based on high demands from our customers.

We have a long weekend deal to cater for customers that wish to hire the minibus for group travel over the long weekends. We allow our customers for both UK and European travel.

We also have a weekday special deal where we provide our customers the most cost effective way of group travel during off-peak days.

We also have a 1 week minibus hire deal where customers can take maximum benefit of having the minibus for a whole week including weekends.

We have a 2 weeks minibus hire deal to accommodate for customers that have requirement for a minibus for longer period of time. Again we allow our minibuses to be taken anywhere in the UK and for European travel.

If you have specific days or even weeks in mind to book a minibus, call us now or simply fill in the quote form and we’d be happy to assist.